Particle based generative art with openFrameworks

I’ve recently started playing with openFrameworks and I have to say I’m very impressed. Having messed with Processing previously, openFrameworks doesn’t feel too alien. It does have a steeper learning curve than Processing but it you’ve programmed C++ before it shouldn’t be long until you can whip up your first masterpieces.

Last week I’ve created a very simple particle system and had each particle leave a trace as it was animated. The following images are variations on the same theme. They are pretty much the same program with a few changes made between each run.

The common thing in all of these is that the particle movement is governed by Perlin noise.

(click images for larger versions)

open_frameworks_01 open_frameworks_03 open_frameworks_04 open_frameworks_06 open_frameworks_07 open_frameworks_08 open_frameworks_10 open_frameworks_11 open_frameworks_12 open_frameworks_14 open_frameworks_16 open_frameworks_17


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