Programmer CV

Certifications: PHP4, PHP 5.3, and PHP 5.5

I've been writing software since the year 2000. I mostly program in PHP and have been lately delving into Objective-C for creating iOS and iPad apps. I also have solid knowledge of MySQL, HTML, CSS, javascript and I'm proficient with Zend Framework 1 and 2.

I can also find my way around a Linux server and do some basic maintenance on a LAMP stack or do some shell scripting for automating tasks.

When it comes to servers/clouds and (insert your favorite hype tech here) I've had my fair share of installing, configuring, and working with a lot of today's big guys: Akamai, Amazon Web Services, Rackspace, etc.

I currently specialize in architecting highly available software solutions. These are two of my biggest achievements in software architecture:

Other Skills

Some of the sites/clients I’ve worked for:

Many, many years ago I stopped updating this list. It just got too long and sites come and go... Also, most of my most impressive work is done in the backend which is something that you can't see by looking at any website's frontend!


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