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Julian is a composer and a sound engineer. His first contact with music came at the age of nine when his parents gave him a tiny Casio keyboard which barely had four full octaves. Without taking his piano lessons very seriously, Julian decided to broaden his horizons and delve into other musical instruments. By the age of 13 he could be found playing drums and guitar -day and night- in a little room where he managed to cram a small drum set and assorted guitars, bases, and amplifiers. This would annoy the hell out of the neighbors!

After following Sandro Benedetto's advice -one of Julian's music teachers during high school-, Julian attended ITMC - Instituto Tecnologico de Musica Contemporanea (Contemporary Music Institute of Technology) in their guitar performance program. A former guitar teacher -Alejandro Montserrat- prepared him for the admittance exams, teaching him guitar, ear training, and harmony.

After having completed the first 15 months at ITMC, Julian decided that jazz performance -ITMC's stronger side- was not his thing. He was becoming more and more interested in classical composition as well as music technology. Once again, Sandro Benedetto showed him some Berklee College of Music (Boston, Massachusetts) advertisements and that was when Julian realized he wanted to study at Berklee. To get ready for the admittance exams he studied harmony and ear training with Laura Bade.

Julian graduated from Berklee in 2003 completing two majors; Music Production & Sound Engineering, and Film Scoring. While at Berklee he met the most talented musicians you could possibly imagine. During his stay in Boston, he also learned to play the cello with (probably the most patient man on the planet) Eugene Friesen, and learned to play the flute in a self taught fashion.

In 2003 Julian returned to Argentina, where he continued composing music for theater, and co-founded Norland Audio Productions. With the latter he recorded and edited many audio books in English for well known international publishers.

After arriving to Argentina Julian wanted to further his studies in classical music so he continued with private piano lessons and also attended the Manuel de Falla Conservatory for a year where he advanced his cello studies. He then enrolled in the Universidad Cátolica’s Music Composition program and studied there for two years.

Since 2008 Julian has been studying clarinet privately with Guillermo Goloboff.


2006-2007 U.C.A Universidad Católica Argentina (Composition major)
Buenos Aires, Argentina

2005 Manuel de Falla Conservatory (Cello major)
Buenos Aires, Argentina

1999-2003 Music Production and Sound Engineering
Berklee College of Music - Boston, Massachusetts – USA
Honors: Magna Cum Laude

1999-2003 Film Scoring
Berklee College of Music - Boston, Massachusetts – USA
Honors: Magna Cum Laude

1997-1998 I.T.M.C. Instituto Tecnológico de Música Contemporánea (Guitar major)
Buenos Aires, Argentina


Music I composed for theater

Music I composed for short films

Music I composed for TV

Cartoon Network stingers

Music I performed in

Performed guitar, cello, piano, drums, and Brazilian percussion in several ensembles and recording sessions. Some credits include:


I also did arrangements for chamber ensembles, symphonic orchestra, and other genres in several undergraduate projects while attending Berklee College of Music. Many of these were conducted by me for live studio ensembles.

As a Sound Engineer

Audio Books



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